Women’s soccer – News – Chenard: From speed skater to arbitrate in Global

Carol Anne Chenard has umpired in two World championships and olympic Was previously a figure skater professional speed Because of the cancer, Chenard lost France 2019 Skaters at 50km per hour taking the race curves impossible, crashing into the fences, sometimes suffering injuries with the sharp blades on the sliding on the ice… “What I … Read more

Halle Berry and 7 tricks in your diet in order to look spectacular to the 52 -and speed up your metabolism-

4/9 2.-Taking coffee. Maybe this is one of the banned ingredients to Jennifer Lopez, but for Halle, it is something essential -as it not only revives, but also is a natural diuretic and enhancer of metabolism-. To this drink, the famous adds oil MCT –or medium chain triglycerides-which has become the new coconut oil and … Read more

With a record-breaking speed, manufacturers of vaccines given first injections against the COVID-19

April 6, 2020 | | | 579 times read The new coronavirus, COVID-19 paralyzed for more than a quarter of humanity through various schemes of quarantine in which -in most cases – the common pattern is that people stay in their homes. The virus SARS-CoV-2 changed the lives of millions around the world, but more … Read more

To see 5 movies free of charge on TIMVISION, from Need for speed to Passengers

Love story of ambience, science fiction, atypical monster movie, great cult cinema, sci-fi, adrenaline-pumping action on four wheels, and a remake of the classic epic movie. We continue our journey on the discovery of the title on TIMVISION (the service is free up to the next 15. april, with the initiative of solidarity Digitalwe focus … Read more

Fake-the speed of research on the theft of corporate data, the blackmail possibilities

The modern installations of the Malware (almost) always be a Backdoor into affected systems. Pests, such as, for example, the Trio of Emotet, Trickbot and Fake Ryuk to communicate by means of such a back-door, with the remote control, the Command-and-Control server to download additional files from the attack, and again, and again, the data … Read more