The Spider-Man of Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, in a movie together… the impossible dream?

MADRID, 10 May. (CulturaOcio) – The animated film Spider-Man: A new universe he was on the verge of bringing the three versions of the actual image of Spider-Man. This is Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and the current Peter Parker, Tom Holland. Unfortunately for the fans, the study thought it was “too soon” to mix the … Read more

Goodbye Spider-Man! Shameik Moore reveals why not to be construed to Thousands Morales in a live-action

The news of ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ do not stop, the last that has been given is that the actor who lends his voice to the protagonists of the film, Shameik Moore, has said that he will not be Thousands of Moral in a version live-action, and have a very good reason for not doing … Read more

I would die in a movie! Reveal the plans for Tom Holland, and Spider-Man in the MCU

The character of Spider-Man has become one of the favourites in the Movie universe of Marvel, so you have big plans for this character in the future, although it has confirmed a third installment of the character, but apparently could get up to six movies in solo, thanks to the agreement with Sony and there … Read more

Tom Holland confessed that his version of Spider-Man has committed crimes

The character of Spider-Man is perhaps the most righteous to follow the rules of any superhero, not for nothing we all know who works and lives with his aunt, or wife, according to the story, but apparently the version of Tom Holland does not respect these rules, because Tom Holland has stolen props from Marvel … Read more

Tom Holland (SpiderMan) confesses his worst moments with the fame

Become a superhero with 20 years, Tom Holland he has been part of some of the titles most relevant of the decade as ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and ‘SpiderMan: Homecoming’, and now the actor is most requested. With ‘Chaos Walking’, ‘Cherry’ and ‘The Devil all the time’ pending release ‘and ‘ Uncharted’ to point of begin rolling, … Read more

Tom Holland reveals the first details of ‘SpiderMan 3’

To Tom Holland not missing work. The young actor is in full promotion of ‘Onward‘the tape of Pixar where he lends his voice to one of the protagonists, and has planned to release ‘Chaos Walking’ and ‘Cherry’. In case outside little, you already have other exciting projects ahead as ‘Uncharted‘and the expected third SpiderMan movie … Read more

Marvel wants Spider-Man in Deadpool 4 | Tom Holland | Ryan Reynolds | Movies and series

Despite the fact that Ryan Reynolds has confirmed recently that Deadpool 3 will be produced by Marvel Studios, it is highly likely that fans of the popular anti-hero may not see delivery until within a few years. Anyway, planning that the company devotes to its movie universe will introduce it little by little before your … Read more

Ensure huge success of Tom Holland nothing more out of the suit of Spiderman

Expectations through the clouds. New tape could leave the actor at the door of several awards Tom Holland, is the brit who plays famous Spiderman Marvel Comics, which was invited to join the working group of one of the tapes that expected to break records at the box office that reached such films as “The … Read more