More troubles for Tom Holland: ‘Spider-Man 3’ is paralyzed, and it may be that by ‘Uncharted’ go for long

The crisis of the coronavirus has disrupted completely the calendar of premieres and filming in Hollywood, and without a date of return-to-normal or even approximate studies, they can’t predict when you will be able to put the machinery in motion. Have premieres to relocate in the calendar, and productions again. Tom Holland was going to … Read more

Jake Johnson (‘Spider-Man: A new universe’) gives a custom message of Peter Parker for the quarantine

Increasingly more countries are opting for a confinement of the population in their homes because of the pandemic of COVID-19. In the united States, despite the fact that Donald Trump has not yet enacted the measure at the national level, there are many families that are ahead to not be a danger to themselves or … Read more

The Daredevil Charlie Cox could appear in ‘Spider-Man 3’ by Tom Holland

With preparations for the upcoming films of the fourth phase of the Movie Universe Marvel is in full swing, there are rumors everywhere about how the study is going to exceed their own standards and create larger stories, shocking and captivating. One of these movies scheduled for 2021 is ‘Spider-Man 3’. Although the study has … Read more

Roberto Orci (‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’) is in charge of the new spin-off of Spider-Man

Sony has hired the screenwriter of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The power of Electro’, Roberto Orci, to a new production of the universe Spider-Man from Sony. The details are not known until the moment, but it is known that the film will be in the Marvel Universe from Sony, separate from the UCM, which features … Read more