Millie Bobby Brown has done a great spoiler of ‘Stranger Things’…

Updated 10/01/2017 12:41 Despite being one of the least assertive and fun that you remember, the gala of the Golden Globes left some moments to remember, as the speech of Meryl Streep or The record of The Land. But there’s something to the devotees -and there are many – of Stranger Things recordarn still with … Read more

Let him shut up! Confirm a spoiler GIANT on The Eternals of Marvel

Jim Starlin insurance generated the surprise of all the fans in the world Marvel when they sent a spoiler giant on The Eternals, the upcoming movie of the world of superhérores. The legend of the comic and the creator of Thanos said that the history of their character “has not finished”, because “a younger version … Read more

Chris Hemsworth was invented a spoiler false ‘Avengers: Endgame’ to not reveal anything

Chris Hemsworth gave everything to protect the secret of one of the most anxiously awaited films of the past yearat least that is what assures his companion of cast in ‘Tyler Rake’, Rudhraksh Jaiswal. This actor, that part next to Hemsworth of the new proposed action Netflix produced by the brothers Russohe commented in a … Read more

How Spider-Man becomes Ant-Man? Chris Hemsworth revealed a spoiler about the MCU

As good fans of the Marvel universe is normal to think that, you have the opportunity, we would ask the actors, directors and any involved in the production of the films about the future of their characters and the movies that we are about to see. Clear that not everyone can say this, the production … Read more

SPOILER: Danna Paola reveals the real reason that Lucretia killed Polo

SPOILER: Danna Paola reveals the real reason that Lucretia killed Polo Danna Paola has a song called “Pole-to-earth” that was a spoiler about as terminaria the third season of the Elite, precisely because the character of Álvaro Rico ends up on the ground. However, there is a deeper message in the death of Polo and … Read more

Scarlett Johansson reveals to you a video from the set full of spoiler on the Black Widow for charitable purposes

Note: a superspia able to penetrate and everywhere, Scarlett Johansson marks the set of Black Widow to share a long film full of spoilers for the new film with the world Marvel Studios. The initiative was developed to promote a campaign of the charity organization Omaze connected with his name, and especially preview of the … Read more