Jennifer Lawrence starred in the upcoming sequel of ‘Star Trek’

After a long time of waiting, finally, Paramount is giving signals about the next installment of the popular series of ‘Star Trek’, by what Noah Hawley has been hired to write and direct the next adaptation, which could include new faces, as Jennifer Lawrence would be in ‘Star Trek 4’. Although, in principle, it raised … Read more

Chuck Norris almost starred in ‘Kickboxer’ and other curiosities of the film of Jean-Claude van Damme

The 80’s and 90’s were glorious times for the action movie and, like more or less, Jean-Claude Van Damme had a good fault for this. The star specializing in martial arts has a great number of successes to their backs, and one of them is, without doubt, ‘Kickboxer’. Curiosities of ‘Kickboxer’ 1 The champion It … Read more