You know Dylan Efron’s brother Zac Efron, who proves that the attractive and the abs of steel are family

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Nobody had noticed! ‘Man of Steel’ had a character original ‘Smallville’

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Michael Shannon has revealed what was your favorite scene in ‘Man of Steel’

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Man of Steel: Michael Shannon reveals their favorite scenes

Michael Shannon reveals what scenes of Zack Snyder Man of Steel were his favorite to shoot and what you disliked so much. Released in 2013, Man of Steel presented to the public version of Henry Cavill’s Superman. The origin story of the superheroes was met with a response divided because of his tone somber and … Read more

Superman: JJ Abrams will not make movie of man of steel | DC Comics | Warner Bros | Film and series

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“I don’t think that there was another way”, Michael Shannon approves the death of Zod in Man of Steel

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