The boyfriend of Alexa Dellanos is offering $15 thousand who returned to their boxes stolen in Miami

Alec Monopoly explains that he was in a room of a house in a gated community in Miami when his brother Avery Andon came running in panic. Andon said that his Range Rover white was stolen on Thursday, and inside there were four pieces by Alec Monopoly, three of which were exhibited during the Art … Read more

Tom Holland confesses that he had stolen several accessories Spider-Man

Tom Holland, the protagonist and interpreter of Spider-Man, confessed in an interview that your house is full of accessories from the movies of the Marvel character that has been interpreted and the study know nothing of this about it. But that is not all, he said he used to take objects and accessories for the … Read more

What is inherited is not stolen: meet the mother of JLo

JLo posted on her Instagram several pictures of her mom, Guadalupe Rodríguez, a beautiful and remarkably preserved woman of 74 years May 13, 2020 · 00:21 pm The Diva of the Bronx, Jennifer Lopez, not to lose the opportunity to congratulate his mother last Sunday, like so many other celebrities that congestionaron social networks with … Read more

The stopped driving a stolen car and hides his identity by saying that is Beyonce

Beyoncé the same brand a perfect performance in the Super Bowl, as that is the basis of conspiracy theories of the Illuminati, as that has its own religion, known as ‘Beyism’. The singer serves for all, even for driving stolen cars, it seems to be. Or that he wanted to make believe a woman who … Read more