Succeeded! Karol G celebrating a milestone impressive in his career, there is No one who stop it!

A few months ago Karol G premiered maybe the hit to the most important music of his career as he is, “Tusa”, which he interprets along to Nicki Minaj and that from the first moment in which it came out became one of the most listened to today. This song allowed, for the first time, … Read more

Health will be closed to companies not essential that you do not stop and will report

Starting this Wednesday, the companies in sectors not essential that they continue without stopping their activities, they shall issue a certificate of inspection in respect of safety and health at work, which will start a process of sanction which will end with the closing. So he told the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo … Read more

Simone Bill surprise when you take off the trousers I stop hands! VIDEO

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico city / 15.04.2020 18:40:37 In full quarantine coronavirusthe gymnast american, Simone Days, winning 25 medals worldsurprised on social networks to achieve a challenge that became viral; it was take off the pants with feet when standing on of hands. This challenge was the Handstand Challenge, which began Tom Holland; the actor and … Read more

You don’t have comfort! The reason why Angelina Jolie can’t stop crying. What Was Brad Pitt?

Today Angelina Jolie is a successful woman and happy: your professional life is excellent, broke away from a relationship that is not wanted anymore and can live off the fruits of your own effort. As the years passed, the actress managed to realize in the privileged place that it was. And was able to empathize … Read more

The video of this goat stop on two legs that gives awe – – Journal of Mendoza, Argentina

The goat stands on its hind and motionless, in a complete state of tension. The time was recorded in a video shared by the channel BRiaNMaZaPaN YouTube, and the background there is a place completely dark and desolate. The viral video became a trend in a matter of hours and shot several theories: while many … Read more

All of a heroine! Rihanna stated that he made a stop in the music while you try it to Save the world!

Rihanna maintains the expectation of their followers, then make an announcement that commits the course of their projects in the music industry. Through a live broadcast made in your account of Instagram, the interpreter of “Daimonds” revealed what are the issues on which you focused your attention at this time. Related News With its particular … Read more

What a daring! Miley Cyrus wore daring costume to celebrate and… you will Not be able to stop watching!

Miley Cyrus has given what to talk about in Instagram, where sum over 106 million followers, after releasing a program of interviews in the application. For several weeks, the singer of “Party in the USA” did some of their colleagues to reveal their opinions and experiences more of the unusual, marking trend in Internet. Related … Read more