Iron Man: why it makes no sense that Tony Stark graduated MIT at 17 years old? | Robert Downey Jr. | Marvel Studios | united states | USA | nnda nnlt Fame

Updated the 26/04/2020 at 12:40 The 2008, Marvel Studios he began his movie universe with the movie Iron Manto whom Robert Downey Jr. took the responsibility of embodying. Since that first tape, one of the great credentials of Tony Stark, the man behind the superhero, was graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at … Read more

Priyanka Chopra will star in the drama from Amazon Studios Sheel.

United STATES, Los Angeles.- Priyanka Chopra stars in the drama from Amazon Studios Smt.. The wife of singer and actor Nick Jonas is ready to interpret to Ma Anand Sheel, a spiritual counselor and the principal responsible for the bioterrorist attack Rajneeshee raised in Oregon in the year 1984. Smt. was the personal secretary of … Read more

The brothers Russo could return to work for Marvel Studios

After you have closed a circle that began with Captain America: The Soldier Winter and that ended in epic form with Avengers: Endgamethe brothers Russo will return to work for Marvel. If it is that one day they do. But both Joe Russo, including: Anthony Russo have confirmed that they discarded. In fact, ensure that … Read more

Marvel: Hugh Jackman will not be Wolverine in the MCU | X-men | Disney | Marvel Studios | Film and series

The movie universe of Marvel is continuing to grow and introduce new stories. After phase 4, it is believed that the franchise will introduce to the famous X-Men. A dream of the fans that finally would become reality. One of the most iconic characters of these mutants would be Wolverine, who was portrayed by Hugh … Read more

Dave Bautista does not play Kratos in the movie of God of War | Jason Momoa | Universal Studios | Reddit | WWE | video Games video Games

Updated the 12/04/2020 at 12:03 Detective Pikachu and Sonic: The Movie has been able to demonstrate that you can do a good film productions of video games. Because of this, has begun to circulate a rumor that indicates that Universal Studios will want to be able to bring the video game franchise of God of … Read more

Marvel Studios reveals new dates for phase 4 of the MCU

The entertainment industry has had to rearrange its calendar of releases, Marvel Studios has finally released as they have been defined the new premiere dates for Phase 4 the Movie universe of Marvel (MCU), according to Variety, so stay composed: Black Widow: The tape centered on the spy and avenger set between the events of … Read more

The coronavirus has broken with a tradition for Marvel Studios, setting a new below in decades

The pandemic coronavirus it is spreading at an alarming rate, with new cases confirmed each day. Therefore, our way of life will continue to be adversely affected at least for a good time. Among the side-effects of the global crisis, the film industry has been greatly impacted, having to reformulate their calendars. And the titles … Read more

Larian Studios promises a role-playing game from blockbuster, Triple-a-Budget

In the last week of the role-playing game “Baldur’s he was introduced to Gate 3” to the problem. As responsible developers, Larian Studios has made it clear that the players in an ambitious project to take the role of a forward, a Triple-A Budget is based. In the past week, the developers at Larian Studios … Read more