Blow to Kiko Jimenez. Discovered this Sofia Suescun. And what is going to change everything

May 11, 2020 (20:14 CET) Kiko Jimenez you have reasons to be worried, and do not, it is precisely the coronavirus and yes by his partner Sophia Suescun and their battles on television. It seems that Telecinco has gorged on already wars without sense of Sofia Suescun and they are going to make a case … Read more

the photo of Gloria Camila without underwear where you compare her with Sofia Suescun

The daughter of José Ortega Cano has become to publish a photograph of you without underwear. This time, from the bathroom of your home. Among his over 700,000 followers, people who look up to her and give ‘like’ to all that published, there are some ‘haters’ who have dared to compare it with Sofia Suescun. … Read more

“A real paripé”. Sofia Suescun (Survivors) are not thought nothing

March 27, 2020 (11:00 CET) Like Rocío Carrasco, after his rupture with Kiko Jimenez, Gloria Camila he kept absolute silence. Not granting any interviews or even talking with the media. Months later and after rebuilding her life, the daughter of Ortega Cano it is put again in front of the cameras and what to defend … Read more

A thread and nothing more. Sofia Suescun teaches the back just like this! Look at the picture (and takes hours)

March 05, 2020 (18:29 CET) Sofia Suescun has become to leave all stunned with a picture of those that removed the hiccups and is that of Pamplona knows very well how to draw attention to his 23 years. On this occasion, has not hesitated to publish a photo in which she appears wearing only a … Read more