VIDEO: Cardi B suffers tremendous agona to plucking your ‘coronavirus’ with wax

Atlanta, USA.- The singer Cardi B not I allowed the quarantine by coronaviruses were unable to continue with her maintenance of beauty, but pag very expensive, judging by their cries of pain when I depilaron the area of the bikini. “Today is da pain”, I announced Cardi to your followers of Instagram, anticipating the process … Read more

Of hroe of action to father’s desperate plea: Chris Hemsworth suffers with their children at home

Los angeles, USA.- Many parents have been struggling to keep their children at home for 24 hours a day. And such is the case of the actor Chris Hemsworth those who revel has suffered with their children to apply in their classes on line. It was in a interview from a distance with the comedian … Read more

“She thought that she was going to…”: Rihanna suffers near the terror of the coronavirus in his father

After having donated five million dollars to fight the pandemic coronavirus, Rihanna had the sad news that his father was infected. Despite the fact that the youth of Barbados has not had the best relationship-father, felt a great responsibility in saving the life. Related News Without thinking, the artist had another gesture of solidarity with … Read more

I defeated! Selena Gomez suffers the loss of his podium… just Look for who!

Although some years ago that the artist Selena Gomez it is much more relaxed in the musical production and in what you share on social networks, earning the title of the most followed. But unfortunately this changed, and the u.s. he lost his podium in the fame, nothing more and nothing less than by the … Read more

It already is affecting it! Cardi B suffers from the lack of sex during the quarantine

EU.- Cardi B you can be very generous with their donations to help in the battle of the coronavirus, but the rapper has no-holds-barred at the time of give details so intimate of his life. During discussion with her followers the singer was sincere about difficulties that he faces in the quarantine, saying that the … Read more

Selena Gomez reveals that she suffers from a disorder that affects your behavior | News of The Savior

This is the first time that Gomez, 27 years old, put a name to their disorder after having experienced chapters of anxiety and depression. The singer and actress Selena Gomez revealed to your public she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, during an interview with Miley Cyrus in which both artists talked about their careers, … Read more

Salma Hayek suffers ANXIETY in this quarantine and that is as calm

Salma Hayek suffers ANXIETY in this quarantine and that is as calm Salma Hayek has caused quite a stir on social networks after which share it in your account Instagram a small recommendation for calm anxiety this quarantine can cause in people, so that their fans assumed the talented Hollywood actress could be suffering from. … Read more

Isabel Torres (‘Poison’) has announced that he suffers from lung cancer with bone metastases

Actress Elizabeth Torres is one of three in charge of interpreting Cristina “La Veneno” on the new series of Javis. After the premiere of the first episode, the actress has wanted to thank the good reception and has announced a serious health problem. “The situation that I am now of health is very complicated. Those … Read more