Yuliett Torres takes the sun (and all the stares are at the same site)

The instagrammer Yuliett Towers is known for his sensual photos and videos that have just swept across the Internet. The mexican has managed to build his career based on dedication and beauty. Has more than 5 million followers, which he has earned by his perseverance and charisma to the post. A few days ago, posted … Read more

Chiquis Rivera delights her fans to show off their spectacular legs under the sun

Chiquis Rivera delights her fans to show off their spectacular legs under the sun/Photo: The View Chiquis Rivera it is one of the women ‘ curvy more sensual Instagram and for the show. The singer, songwriter and entrepreneur of american origin it has been highlighted a lot by having too much security to the delight … Read more

Emily Ratajkowski took the sun as God brought the world! Photo and has hours!

March 17, 2020 (22:43 CET) Emily Ratajkowski has surprised their fans with a history of Instagram where it appears in the sun without anything on top and just covering her with hands and legs in an image that has left all ojiplatos. This is not the first time that the american model takes advantage of … Read more

Kim Kardashian teaches all of the back basking in the sun in mini bikini

March 09, 2020 (20:57 CET) Kim Kardashian has taken advantage of the good weather to recover something of his fame lost in recent times. And it is that needed something like what he has achieved today when you hang a photo on mini bikini next to her half-sister Kylie Jenner. The image has already surpassed … Read more

“You’ve come to pay back the sun”

The cuban actress Jacqueline Arenal spent some romantic words to your boyfriend Gonzalo –who presented about three months ago in the networks– for her birthday. The interpreter Verena Contreras in Tierra brava he thanked his partner for all the happiness that you give and the beautiful moments that have lived together. “Here’s to you, for … Read more

The perched Kylie Jenner to the sun that “does not exceed or Rosalia”

Kylie Jenner may not be the biggest media of the family. In fact, it is not at all, and that honour goes to Kim Kardashian. But, like all of them, also has behind him a large legion of followers, specifically, to a whopping… ¡164 billion!!! Almost nothing. All are anxious to see their images, which … Read more