Henry Cavill returns as Superman, inspired by ‘Justice League Dark: Apokolips War’

One of the biggest hits that have DC doesn’t have much to do with their movies live-action, but with their animated features, which in the vast majority of the times are an adaptation faithful to the comics and the recent movie ‘Justice League Dark: Apokolips War’ marked out what will be the end of this … Read more

So was the movie Batman v Superman cancelled in 2001 with Jude Law and Colin Farrell

Long before the version of Batman v Superman that we could see in the cinemas in charge of Zack Snyder with the actors Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as the main protagonists, we worked on a film project that sought to adapt a colossal clash between superhero DC the responsibility of the filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen … Read more

Oh is not convinced! Henry Cavill puts conditions for return as Superman

Three years have passed since we saw for the last time Henry Cavill in in role of Superman, and there isn’t any planned date for a return to her role, although the actor claims that remains within the DCEUbut many rumors have been circling about a possible exit, but apparently there is some progress on … Read more

And What About Henry Cavill? David Corenswet (‘Hollywood’), the perfect candidate to be the new Superman

After his last performance as Superman in ‘Justice league’ the continuation of Henry Cavill in the paper has been left in the air. And now it seems that many seriéfilos have found a perfect successor in David Corenswet, the young protagonist of ‘Hollywood’, the new series of Ryan Murphy for Netflix. This is not the … Read more

Why the fault of Henry Cavill? Delay ‘Supergirl’ for a new movie of ‘Superman’

It seems that the Universe Extended DC (DCEU) there will be a fight between cousins, because it has been reported this week that delayed ‘Supergirl’ for a new movie of ‘Superman’, which could bring back the actor Henry Cavill. Since a few months ago it was known that Warner Bros. she had planned to bring … Read more

Henry Cavill admits that he felt intimidated by Ben Affleck in the filming of ‘Batman v Superman’

Everything seems to indicate that even Superman suffers certain complexes, making it clear that the more strong also have their weaknesses. This is because the actor Henry Cavill confessed in the new issue of the magazine Healthy For Men who felt intimidated by Ben Affleck during the filming of “Batman v Superman: dawn of justice”. … Read more

DC: Henry Cavill intimidated by Ben Affleck for their muscles during Batman v Superman | Batman | Superman | Cinema and series

Batman v Superman it was one of the most anxiously awaited films of the DCEU, due to the confrontation between the two icons of the comic. While the result was criticism mixed, your encounter will continue to be commented on by the fans. What few knew is that the antagonism between the two would surpass … Read more