In addition to Doomsday, ‘Batman v Superman’ was going to introduce another villain from DC

As if the presence of Lex Luthor and Doomsday were not enough, the original plan was that a third party came to the party. Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) are in charge of fight against these enemies, which in the end turned out to be much easier to overcome, … Read more

Premieres on Netflix May 2020 Series Movies Batman: The Dark Knight Returns quarantined Batman vs Superman ANNABELLE Date Catalogue Mexico Peru Chile

Netflix has become a normal activity in the world, in times of quarantine because of the coronavirus. The platform streaming renews its board every month and for may, as is not the exception, enlists the arrival of new films and series. Through their social networks, Netflix promotes the list of your new content and this … Read more

I finally managed the terrible mustache of Superman in ‘Justice League’!

The upper lip of Henry Cavill was one of the worst things of the movie of DC and, fortunately, a Youtube user has just to solve the problem Holy mustache, Batman! Already knew it (but continues to amaze us): there is no way to save the Justice League (no, not even Gal Gadot). The megamash … Read more

Henry Cavill (The Witcher) felt intimidated by Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman

Henry Cavill, actor who currently plays Geralt of Rivia in the series of The Witcher on Netflix and that has been Superman in recent adaptations of DC and Warner Bros., has recognized in a recent interview that she felt intimidated by the physical of Ben Affleck on the set of the filming of Batman v … Read more

Batman v Superman: Henry Cavill reveals that senta intimidated by Ben Affleck

Henry Cavill est living a sweet moment in his career. The actor, who has achieved success with The Witcherthe last delivery of Mission Impossible and prepares for new desafos in his career-still rumorendose as Wolverine-, has been for years the image of DC Cmics and Warner Bros. as a Superman. The Man of Steel, film … Read more