Zack Snyder reveals a new connection between ‘Batman v Superman’ and his version of ‘Justice League’

The hope is the last thing you lose. It is what they will think many fans of DC are still waiting to be able to see one day the release of Zack Snyder on ‘Justice League’. With the cry of (virtual) #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, many claim that Warner Bros give way to a montage of the director … Read more

‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’: this was the reaction of Tom Welling at the end of Superman

‘Crisis on Infinite earths’ has been without a doubt one of the crossovers most ambitious of the past year. In it he saw not only the characters of the different series of the Arrowverso, as usual, but we also saw several connections with other serieslike ‘Titans’ or ‘Smallville’. With respect to this second, his protagonist … Read more

CW: Reveal the first details of the new series “Superman & Lois”

CW: Reveal the first details of the new series “Superman & Lois” Clark Kent alias Superman returns to television with a new series, “Superman & Lois” produced by the string, The CW, those who have adapted to series, the history of several superheroes DC since his great success, Smallville. Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch give … Read more