Dies the actor Logan Williams (‘The Flash’, ‘Supernatural’) at the age of 16

The actor Logan Williams, who made a young Barry Allen on the set of ‘The Flash’, died last Thursday, April 2 at the age of 16 for reasons not disclosed yet, according to reports THR. The family is “absolutely devastated”, as he has told his mother, who says the situation “it is difficult” by the … Read more

The last chapters of ‘Supernatural’ have been postponed by the coronavirus

‘Supernatural’ faced at the beginning of this course (2019), your season number 15. This is the final season of the series, something that had already been announced in an official manner. The final had 20 episodes in this season, but the release date will be delayed. Let us not deceive ourselves, the series will end … Read more

Jensen Ackles (‘Supernatural’) and his daughter enternecen the quarantine singing together on Instagram

Jensen Ackles has found the most appropriate (and adorable) to keep the kids occupied in quarantine. Your six year old daughter, JJ, and he has taken advantage of the idle hours, and have formed a duet musical. Father and daughter sing in this video to Instagram ‘Crowded Table’, the american band The Highwomen. “Crowded Table. … Read more

The coronavirus stops the filming of ‘Supernatural’, while ‘The 100’ attempts to finish the season

Not to speak of another thing, do not write anything else or hear anything else, the coronavirus has come to put our life upside down, locking us in the house and cause the hysteria popular in the supermarkets. This pandemic has closed all the theatres of Italy and our country, but the premieres have been … Read more

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ has a cameo very special ‘Supernatural’

It would not be strange that ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ had a crossover itself separate from the ‘Arrowverso’. Although this has not been completely the case, it has had a small cameo in the series ‘Supernatural’ and so were the photos released by CW through TVLine. Neither Sam nor Dean to the view, but there is … Read more