Give Tania Palacios supports food

After the governor announced a series of measures to support families queretanas, the deputy Tania Palacios Kuri expressed through social networks their commitment and shared that in the next few days will be making delivery of supports and food with the aim of pay and strengthen the Emergency Plan before the COVID-19. In its publication, … Read more

The Foundation for the Children of the UEFA supports the Background Response of the Common Goal COVID-19 | About the UEFA

The Foundation for the Children of the UEFA has announced its plans to contribute to the Response Fund, the Common Goal COVID-19, stressing the solidarity of football with the world’s poorest communities in dealing with the devastating impact of the pandemic coronavirus. The Foundation, which sponsors dozens of humanitarian and development projects all over the … Read more

Legend supports all of the arts

“Most of the artists noson millionaires” MEXICO (Notimex).— The composer and american singer John Legend endorsed their support to the artistic community. In their social networks, the interpreter of songs like “Love Me Now” and “All Of Me”, he replied to a message shared by the american writer Jamie Ford, who, ironically, said: “why are … Read more

Supports for the Bridge ends

Philips has announced, via Twitter, that the Support for the Bridge, it ends at the beginning of April. The Bridge will continue to operate and can be controlled via the V1 App, but it will be for the product, just no more Updates. Smart home: Support from the date of the expiration of It’s a … Read more