Wife of Justin Bieber sue surgeon for revealing surgeries

The model and now known to be the young wife of Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwinnow it was news not for the comparisons with loves old singer, if not for their beauty secrets, which have been revealed by a plastic surgeon. Photo: Instagram @haileybieber This is doctor Daniel Barrett, a well-known Beverly Hills surgeon who, with … Read more

Wife of Justin Bieber sue the surgeon by exposing the cirugas made

Hailey Baldwin ms known as Hailey Bieber it is a model and television personality american that is duea of a beauty very captivating. As his fame and exploitation globally raz that of his courtship with the famous canadian singer Justin Bieber with the then married. Related News Due to its eye-catching looks and his relationship … Read more

Hailey Baldwin sue the surgeon that revealed their alleged aesthetic touches

From several days ago are circulating on the Internet several videos the controversial surgeon Daniel Barret which he claims that Hailey Baldwin has been subjected to numerous aesthetic touches. The doctor argues that the features of the model are not natural. This, apparently not sit well with the young woman and her husbandthe singer Justin … Read more

“I don’t know or Kiko Hernandez!”. Famous of Save me before you spend 25,000 euros on the plastic surgeon

May 08, 2020 (16:58 CET) Few knew the name of Marta Lopez, some even doubled up with the pair of Kiko Matamoros, as has happened to the international press to talk about it, now, however, the known throughout Spain, is unmistakable. The partner programs of Mediaset has become the protagonist of all the discussions of … Read more