Alexis Valdes makes Yusuam Palacios to talk about the quarantine by coronavirus

The comedian cuban Alexis Valdes mimicked the young president of the Youth Movement of Marti, Yusuam Palacios, to refer to the quarantine established due to the coronavirus. With a filter of Snapchat, Alexis Valdés said by way of parody that the quarantine is “a little bit more of the same, the same speech-imperialist, the same … Read more

I quarantined warm! Felipe VI and Letizia “do not talk”. And it is for this woman

March 14, 2020 (12:49 CET) Although this Friday is confirmed that the King Felipe VI and the Queen Letizia not they were infected by the coronavirus, it doesn’t mean that the subject is a hot topic in the Royal House. The concern has been on the rise since he learned of the positive case of … Read more

‘Mulan’: The first reactions they talk about how “fantastic” it is and their homages to the animated version

‘Mulan’ has become one of the remakes more daring, that has made Disney. The move away from the animated version, not the musical moments and Mushu, a couple of details fairly criticized, they could have done to fear the managers, who could be a bump at the box office. In addition, linked to this, the … Read more

The model twenty-year-old that has the infanta Elena crazy (and nobody dares to talk about)

07 of march 2020 (10:53 CET) Major magazines and media always talk about Letizia, Felipe VI, and their daughters, Leonor and Sofia. In fewer occasions since his retirement do Sofia and Juan Carlos I. However, there are some members of the Royal House who get to be in them by his work. There are many … Read more

Bertin Osborne does not talk about. Paternity suit of 50 million euros

March 06, 2020 (12:02 CET) It has recently come to light a controversy that surrounds the bullfighter Juan Galán, sadly died a couple of years ago. Bertin Osborne admired the dexterous, as to many others. It is a profession that he has always defended to the hilt despite the great criticism it has received for … Read more