“In my relationship with Enrique is what’s most important,” said Tania after rumors of breakup

Social networks have been painted black, with the hashtag #blackouttuesday as part of a collective movement that several people from different parts of the world carry out as protest against the racismthe discrimination and the prejudices of nationalities. Between them has featured the participation of a large number of personalities of mexican that they have … Read more

Give Tania Palacios supports food

After the governor announced a series of measures to support families queretanas, the deputy Tania Palacios Kuri expressed through social networks their commitment and shared that in the next few days will be making delivery of supports and food with the aim of pay and strengthen the Emergency Plan before the COVID-19. In its publication, … Read more

Televisa cancels at the last minute projects of Tania Rincon y Laura Bozzo

Televisa cancels at the last minute projects of Tania Rincon and Laura Bozzo/Photo: Who Unexpectedly, the journalist Alex Kaffie gave a sad news to the hearing of Televisasince the station of San Angel has decided to discontinue momentarily the recording of two large projects, where they were to be the drivers of Laura Bozzo and … Read more