The song of Brad Pitt: Nati Jota was the center of teasing in networks. Not you have had mercy!

Makes two das, the influencer argentina, Nati Jota, wondered in a tweet why Brad Pitt it is loved by so muchsimas people. The reviews did not wait and therefore lanz this “rap”. Seriously like it?, it says in the message that started with all the polmica. Not only were haters who criticized mercilessly meditica, but … Read more

His wax figure in Berlin cause teasing and we will explain to you the reason

A new figure from Madame Tussard has come back to scare visitors. This time has been due to a peculiar wax figure of the artist Nicki Minaj that has generated laughter, controversy and ridicule in equal parts. The premiere of the figure in the museum that the franchise has in the German city of Berlin … Read more

Miley Cyrus unleashes the teasing for your hair cut as “Tiger King”

The exestrella of the Disney Channel turned to surprise their fans on social networks with a strange hair cut During the quarantine by coronavirus, are the several celebrities that take advantage of the contingency to make more enjoyable the time of their fans. Miley Cyrus it has been one of the most active in social … Read more

THE TEASING AGAIN – The terrible spelling error in a VTV that became viral in social networks

Journalists of VTV ensure that they tried to “bulnerar” the sovereignty of the venezuelan people. Again the channel Venezolana de Television and their journalists are a cause of mockery on the social networks, because they are continually committing errors that the magnifying glass of the internet users can’t skip and always end up exposed in … Read more