Whoopi Goldberg knows the drama of Alfonso Merlos and he explained in the american television

Does not need to be a follower or a follower of ‘Save me’ or that is ‘State of alarm’ in order to know the drama more sounded the quarantine, Alfonso Merlos and his fake live with the cameo surprise from his lover. It is all so ridiculous that the ‘Case Merlos’, or the ‘Merlos Place’ … Read more

TODAY / Whoopi Goldberg takes to the uproar of the “Merlos Place” to the television of the USA

Los Angeles (USA). The actress and tv presenter Whoopi Goldberg (“Sister Act”, “The Color Purple”) spoke Friday in his television program “The View” about the moment in which a naked woman appeared behind a tertullian in Spanish during a live connection that has caused the fuss in the media known as “Merlos Place”. Source: EFE … Read more

Will Smith met the cast of ‘The prince of rap’ in a video | Television | Entertainment

Through a call by the app Snapchat, Will Smith managed to reunite the original cast of the popular series of the 90’s, The prince of Bel-Air or the prince of The rap. The video was shared on the social network Will From Home, a space that leads into your house, and brought out laughter among … Read more

Does it return? Fans claim that Ariana Grande is all set to act in television

Throughout his career, Ariana Grande always showed as one of the most influential celebrities for the teen audience, excelling both in their songs as in acting. But since the american singer began to have greater success in the music industry, he decided to leave for a time their shares stellar on the small screen. Related … Read more

The millionaire naked Halle Berry ‘Swordfish’ which took the Oscar | Film and Television

The machismo of the film industry has generated monsters, such as Harvey Weinstein. Dozens of producers took advantage of the talent and beauty of their actresses to get more benefits at the box office thanks to a controversial nude. It is the case of Halle Berry and your Operation Swordfish 2001, where the producers and … Read more

Katy Perry returns to television in the guise of a pot of soap

‘American Idol’the talent american looking for the best voice of the country, had to be interrupted after issuing the programmes of the castings because the crisis of the coronavirus prevented etched galas normally. After months of hiatus, the team has decided to look for a way back to television with the broadcast of the judges … Read more

New users of the Horizons recreate music videos, television programs

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is both a good game as a bad game, a salve for our “hard times” and a reflection dystopian working conditions, whether you work in service to a god Tanuki, hungry for money or your boss average. But beyond impose unnecessary meaning in the game, Animal Crossing is also a hotbed … Read more

The new challenge of Daenerys after passing by the cinema and the television

Today Emilia Clarke it is one of the more familiar faces, beloved and popular of the world thanks to their participation in ‘Game of Thrones‘. The british actress embarked on the series George R. R. Martin in 2011 and has remained within the cast of fiction up to its end in may 2019. Throughout of … Read more

What Idea from WHO? Katy Perry returns to television in the form of sanitizer

United States.- The singer, Katy Perry became a huge bottle sanitizer with which it managed to cause anger in the majority of users Internet. Through your account Instagram, the successful singer shared a video converted into a sanitizer where it appears washing the hands in the proper way. And hours later, Katy Perry released a … Read more

Katy Perry disguises himself as a pot of soap in his return to television

The current situation with the global pandemic by the coronavirus has forced have had to change many of our ways of life. One of the effects has been in the entertainment industry since the television programs had to be cancel until you found ways to take them out without that would be a risk. Well, … Read more