Anger and tension in the U.S.: who was the african american who died in police custody

A graph of George Floyd, was created after his death in Minneapolis in the hands of the police, calling for justice Credit: Instagram @george_floydd_ MINNEAPOLIS.- “Racism is not getting worse, it’s just that now it’s recording” . With these words the actor african-american Will Smith explained some years ago how the cameras of the phones … Read more

There’s tension! Filtered images of the uncomfortable encounter between Jennifer Lopez and ex Alex Rodriguez

There are things that are uncomfortable, and the meeting that Jennifer Lopez co-starred with the former spouse of Alex Rodriguez is by far, the best example of this and the media has echoed this news. A few days ago the youngest daughter of the exbeisbolista, She turned 12 years old and both his father and … Read more

The sexual tension between Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond, and other curiosities of ‘Legends of passion’

In the mid-nineties of last century, Hollywood and the production system of the big studios still on the line to stand up for big names to put on their posters, with the intention of attracting audiences to the cinema halls. And if there was a genre that, historically, had a long journey in terms of … Read more