Stick terrible. Jorge Javier Vázquez warned. “The disease has returned”. Theater play canceled

March 10, 2020 (15:14 CET) Jorge Javier Vázquez has everything ready for her big theatrical premiere after aborting his last work of theatre by the stroke he suffered last march. The next Saturday, march 14, will rise again to the stage to represent Removing to Seneca, in Córdaba. But before he did an exclusive feature … Read more

Daughter of Niurka Marcos suffers a TERRIBLE Accident

Daughter of Niurka Marcos suffers a TERRIBLE Accident Romina Framesthe daughter of the actress and vedette Niurka Marcos, caused a great stir among his followers Instagramwhen posting the damage that he had caused a terrible accident sustained while traveling aboard a motorcycle. It is known that the young singer was on the way to Mexico … Read more

The terrible disease from which Taylor Swift is trying to secretly

March 09, 2020 (19:55 CET) Taylor Swift with all the awards and making history in the music, seems to have a perfect life, but the reality is different. The singer from Pennsylvania has gone through difficult times in secret, in addition to the illness of her mother, there is a problem that comes affecting from … Read more

Terrible. And is Paula Echevarría “Do you Know why she is in Miami?”. Last time very bad

March 08, 2020 (11:18 CET) “But when you come back?”, you say to Paula Echevarría. It seems that the actress has forgotten of Madrid and is very happy in Miami with the good temperatures. We could say that this last month has not stopped by house. Just to put a washing machine and leave again. … Read more

Mhoni Seer ALERT to Bad Bunny, Resident, and Ricky Martin from a terrible fate

Mhoni Seer ALERT to Bad Bunny and a Resident from a terrible fate Mhoni Seer it is known in Mexico by the great successes it has had in its predictions, and on this occasion spoke about the possible death of a singer of reggaeton, and among the names mentioned were famous Bad Bunny, Resident and … Read more

Terrible blow. And it is to Isabel Pantoja. Just know this. “Have a very bad end”

March 05, 2020 (15:07 CET) Isabel Pantoja has already completed the recordings of Idol Kids. Despite the setbacks, Telecinco has already prepared the first edition of the format, although currently there is no date of issuance. Viewers have already been able to enjoy a promotional advertisement where it looks down on a private plane, with … Read more