Patty Jenkins said no to ‘Thor: The dark world’ due to its terrible script: “it Would have seemed that it was my fault”

Taking into account what was said in his day, when the bomb exploded, it is not surprising nothing the reflection that now arises Patty Jenkins, almost a decade later. Closed the issue with the classic “it was due to creative differences” while in Hollywood stretched the outrageous rumor that in reality Jenkins, a filmmaker who … Read more

What movie Marvel is worse: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ or ‘Iron Man 3’? The great debate of the networks

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Vin Diesel confirms Guardians of the Galaxy will appear in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

The Movie Universe Marvel comes loaded of novelties this week. After the premiere of a new trailer for ‘Black Widow’ now the news is lies in the upcoming movie Thor, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, where Vin Diesel has confirmed that some characters from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ will appear. In an interview that he has … Read more

Thor: Love & Thunder – los angeles-Christian Bale officially joins the cast – Stay Nerd

Christian Bale deal with the Thor in the fourth film dedicated to the character As we find them correctly two months also makes Christian Bale you will be a part Thor: Love & Thunderthe fourth film is dedicated to the heroes of Marvel inspired of God norreno. The news was confirmed Tessa Thompsonto note, she … Read more

Christian Bale will be the next villain of Thor: Love and Thunder ¡CONFIRMED!

Christian Bale will be the next villain of Thor: Love and Thunder ¡CONFIRMED! Christian Bale was in talks to join the upcoming movie Marvel, “Thor: Love and Thunder”, but up until now it was a mystery what character he could play while the actor confirmed his entry to the Movie universe of Marvel. Now, Tessa … Read more

Thor: Love and Thunder, Jennifer Lawrence a villain could be?

Thor: Love and Thunder, the actress Jennifer Lawrence in the role of a nasty villain could have between the two protagonists. MESSAGE of BEATRICE PAGAN — 02/12/2019 Thor: Love and Thunder could Jennifer Lawrence in the role of the villain in the new cinecomic directed by Taika Waititiaccording to the rumors, which appeared online. The … Read more