Emilia Clarke talked about the cancellation of the prequel “Game of Thrones”

While “Game of Thrones” came to its end, the show’s producers announced that they would do a series of prequels to delve deeper into the stories of the houses that fought until death for the Iron Throne in the epic HBO series. Which he had called attention was that it would be starring Naomi Watts. … Read more

What ate Drogon to Daenerys? Emilia Clarke claimed a response after ‘Game of Thrones’ and we already know what happened

The end of ‘Game of Thrones’ continues to be a theme very commented months after it premiered on the last episode of the series. Many were the final moments that shocked the fans of the story of George R. R. Martin. Although it was the outcome of Daenerys Targaryenone of the most beloved characters, what … Read more

‘Game of Thrones’: this is the favorite scene of Kit Harington with Emilia Clarke (and sure that is the same as yours)

Despite the fact that the last season of ‘Game of Thrones’ it was not the favorite of almost no one, the series left us with so many epic times that we can still keep remembering the story as one of the best we’ve been enjoying in the last decade. Dragons, battles, loves prohibited, or unexpected… … Read more

The huge disappointment of Emilia Clarke after not being able to keep your great memories of Daenerys Targaryen in ‘Game of Thrones’

Last may 19 ‘Game of Thrones’ issued the last chapter with a finale of the most controversial one that divided a lot of the audience. Little by little, their protagonists have been pronounced with a variety of views, including Emilia Clarkethe actress that gave life to Daenerys Targaryen. Clarke was one of the most involved … Read more

Sophie Turner reveals in the end that she wished for “Game of Thrones”

Photo: HBO Sophie Turner unveiled this week end that desaba see in the closing of “Game of Thrones”even when previously agreed with the conclusion of the series. “I thought that Arya kill Cersei. And I would like to have seen Sansa and Cersei are reunited, or Arya and Cersei. But there were so many ways … Read more

Emilia Clarke goes from dinner with his two ‘lovers’ of ‘Game of Thrones’

‘Game of Thrones’ put an end to his incomparable tour of the small display makes it already a few months, but the impact that he left in the public this production of fantasy HBO was such that, still to day of today, any issue related to it just to grab headlines and rising fanaticism. Especially … Read more