The young man who is egalitarian! Kendall Jenner and revolutionized TikTok: “A Kendall blonde”

In TikTokalso dance, make tutorials and show radical changes of look, the users are matched with celebrities. Yes, there is a challenge that consists in showing the world how similar some are to our celebrities favorite. In this case, a young man showed his face and told him what is in view: the people are … Read more

It just like! Meet Emilia Clarke chilean that the breaks in TikTok

It just like! Meet Emilia Clarke chilean that the breaks in TikTok It is so similar to Emilia Clarke that has been recorded dressed as Daenerys Targaryeny and recreated some scenes of “Me Before You” Since the beginning of the quarantine for Covid-19, thousands of children, youth and adults, joined to TikTok to entertain and … Read more

To Shakira: ‘The Poisonous’ moves his hips in a peculiar ‘ritual’ for TikTok

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Kylie Jenner mimics her sisters masterfully in a video of TikTok

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Will Smith is faced with himself as Agent J from Men in Black in the video of TikTok ‘Wipe It Down’

The actor takes the challenge to “Wipe It Down” to a whole new level, even if you swear you don’t remember having filmed the video. Will Smith is the latest celebrity in the “Wipe It Down” as part of the viral challenge current TikTok, because what else is going to do while you are in … Read more

Nicki Minaj surpasses Beyonce and reaches his first N°1 in EE.UU thanks to hit TikTok | TV Show

The female rappers Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat they arrived at the number one of the list of simple of the united States with the remix of the song “Say So“ released at the same time that the collaboration of Beyoncé with Megan Thee Stallion in the new version of “Savage“ which is conformable with … Read more

I identical! Emilia Clarke chilean raging in TikTok with your videos

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Do twin sister? Chilean identical to Emilia Clarke causes frenzy in TikTok

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– VIDEO | Drake Bell | TikTok: Actor burned coincidentally, the original lyrics of the song from “Drake and Josh” – News Peru

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