The controversial video that went up Migbelis to TikTok “I Want a black one pa’ that I desbaraté “(+VIDEO)

Migbelis Castellanos, the current queen of Our Latin Beauty, a former Miss Venezuela and host of Univision, keeps giving a lot to talk about, or is that this time, by means of a TikTok, she expressed her desire of wanting a black “pa’ que me desbaraté“. For its part, the creole premiered a new talent, … Read more

Daughters of Andrea Legarreta you are prohibited to join TikTok What Are they ashamed of it?

Daughters of Andrea Legarreta you are prohibited to join TikTok What Are they ashamed of it? During the recent broadcast of the program The “today” of Televisa, Andrea Legarreta revealed the true reason for not upload videos to the popular platform, TikTok and is that their daughters do not leave, and even banned. The Instagram … Read more

You would be the DoppelgangeR of Scarlett Johansson (discovery on TikTok)

Scarlett Johanssonone of the most fascinating Actresses and talentuose of the world, in spite of his incomparable charman impersonator has to be very similar to you. It is a girl african americanas a response to the nickname k. leefox on TikTokthat in these hours the network for its similarity with the us depopulated be-American actress. … Read more

Jennifer Lopez joins the challenge viral ‘Flip the Switch’ of TikTok

Jennifer Lopez does not miss any opportunity to show us his passion for dance. This time it has united on the challenge of fashion in TikTok. First step: grab your partner. Second step: dance to the rhythm of the song ‘Nonstop’ Drake. Third step: intercambiaos the posts, and the clothes. J-Lo and her fiance Alex … Read more

the videos on TikTok are viral

On TikTok videos depopulated uploaded by user -, k -,.leefox, really very similar to the actress Scarlett Johansson. The pictures viral, and to also have a certain amount of disturbance in the network. Disney plus limited time offer for 1 year 59,99 euro. Offer valid up to 23. March 2020. Scarlett Johansson it is definitely … Read more

The look-alike of Ariana Grande on the TikTok looks like it so much that even the singer has noticed

November 27, 2019 On TikTok you see amazing things and, if the app did not exist, for example, we never knew of the existence of a look-alike Ariana Grande! It’s called Paige Niemann and started to use TikTok in 2017, the year in which it was launched, but it was only when the 15-year-old has … Read more

Ariana Grande has personally contacted his look-alike TikTok

9 December 2019 You may recall the doubles of Ariana Grande on TikTok? Last November, the video Paige Niemann they became viral thanks to the similarity of 15-year-old with the singer, and the number of his followers was increased dramatically. See for yourself as it is impossible to distinguish from the original: At the time … Read more