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The manga “Attack On Titan” is delayed by Kodansha after postponing publications

Eren Jaeger church facing the Titan Colossal in one of the first covers of Attack on Titan | Kodansha It seems that “Attack On Titan” or better known as “Shingeki no Kyojin” it is the last series that you will see affected by the global pandemic. As the new virus …

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The Nvidia Titan RTX (SLI) for Testing. 8-in the Games analyzed, today and in the future

It goes to the Marketing of the major manufacturers in the TV, then the 4K is to be replaced, apparently, for a long, long time. Well, LG today announced its current OLED tv’s “the excellent quality of the image on the 8”, Samsung QLED-2019 at the latest models “the great …

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