Greyhound, Tom Hanks, skip the box office and stays in Apple TV+

Greyhound is the film starring Tom Hanks inviting viewers to be part of the call Battle of the Atlantic, which bore the Allies against the powerful German submarines in the height of the Second World War. The film was scheduled to reach cinemas on the occasion of the Giving of the Fatherbut finally skip the … Read more

How Tom Holland as Hercules? The Disney fans what they want in the live action

Tom Holland managed to win the hearts of fans thanks to her performance as Spider-Man, and also by its apparent clumsiness to the time of keeping secrets. We know that this actor be construed to Nathan Drake in the live action of Uncharted; however, their followers also want to see him in another major project. … Read more

Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. in Back To The Future: New deepfake viral

Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. are the new protagonists of a video deepfake in this case fun, although the technology deepfake never ceases to generate concern for its likelihood and its potential uses. The account EZRyderX47 she posted a video on YouTube where the actors of the world Marvel —where they represent Spider-Man and … Read more

A surprising deepfake turns to Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland starring role in Back to the future

Fans of the universe Marvel they are literally freaking out at the prospect of seeing two of his favorite actors, Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr., converted into the protagonists of the mythical Back to the future. Unfortunately, it is all a fake. In social networks has been viralizado a video of Youtube that shows … Read more

Tom Holland confesses that he had stolen several accessories Spider-Man

Tom Holland, the protagonist and interpreter of Spider-Man, confessed in an interview that your house is full of accessories from the movies of the Marvel character that has been interpreted and the study know nothing of this about it. But that is not all, he said he used to take objects and accessories for the … Read more

What Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland in “Back to the Future”? With artificial intelligence was possible | Cinema | Entertainment

In a new case of deepfake or falsification of a video using Artificial Intelligence (AI), a YouTube user came up this platform, scene of the film Back to the Future but with characters different to the original. This is Tom Holland (Spider-man) and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), who replaced Michael J. Fox and Christopher … Read more

And What About Tom Holland? Nicolas Cage would be the new Spider-Man in a live-action

The arrival of Spider-Man the Movie Universe of Marvel was one of the biggest hits from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, as this agreement has been very beneficial for both parties, but apparently this version of the tick will not be the only, as a controversial actor could become the new version of the spider, … Read more

“Usa”: Tom Holland and Chris Pratt reveal secrets of the new bet animated Pixar

Tom Holland and Chris Prattin addition to other responsible of the production, revealed the secrets and themes of the new release from Pixar “Onward”. It is a story about two brothers who discover that magic can bring you back to your deceased father, so that they rush to finalize the incantation to retrieve it. However, … Read more