It is a novel idea! Halle Berry launches new tool To cope with the social isolation!

In days of confinement, any activity that can be done inside a house is a good idea, and but say Halle Berry. The american actress remains active between the kitchen and the exercises, because he is faithful promoter of lead a healthy life style. Related News And as well as she does, aspires everyone to … Read more

Biohacking. Get to know the tool to change the mentality and the body with technology

Credit: Illustrations of Lucila Perini. We live in cities since ancient times (9 out of every 10 people in Latin america will live in a big city in the next 4 decades), but the cities were changed, and, with modernity, many of those changes affect us, in ways not always positive. Think about the biohacking … Read more

The Raspberry Pi is a Generator of images, the Pi is a Tool that simplifies the Creation of installation to the SD card

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a new Tool to the users of the small circuit Board on your favorite operating system on an SD card, you can use it. The Raspberry Pi is the Imager that is available for operating systems Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows 10, mac os and Linux Distribution, Ubuntu. It’s … Read more