Kourtney Kardashian boasts abdomen impact with crop top

The socialite Kourtney Kardashian shared Instagram a sensual selfie in front of the mirror while it was leaked to the media that his former spouse Scott Disick re-entered rehab. The older sister of Kim Kardashian she posed before the camera with a pair of black color high-rise and a crop top color white, with a … Read more

Kate Beckinsale Dances Around In A White Top As Your Cat Shows Its ‘Summery’ Look

Kate kitty was rocking a headdress of flowers. Kate kitty was rocking a headdress of flowers. Kate Beckinsale and one of his beloved Persian cats, Clive, that celebrates the warm and sunny weather by listening to some music and showing off your summer style. However, while Kate looked like she was having a blast dancing … Read more

I record unusual! Remembered disc of Mariah Carey returns to the top To 12 years of its launch!

Incredible as it sounds, a disc of Mariah Carey that came out 12 years ago is in the first of the albums most listened to in iTunes, and this is thanks to their fans they did a few days a great social media campaign. The album “E = Mc2” was released in 2008 and is … Read more

NBA: Charles Barkley’s leave LeBron James out of the top 5 best players in the history

NBA Located to the eaves of the Lakers ahead of Tim Duncan LeBron about in a game of the Lakers AFP Cwhen all the world focused the discussion on the best player of all time in LeBron James and Michael Jordan, came Charles Barkley and aviv polmica removing the eaves of the Lakers in the … Read more