Story of a marriage to Scarlett Johansson at the top of the nominations for the Golden Globe

Marriage Story (Story of a marriage) leads the list of nominations, with six nominations for the 77esima output Golden Globe. The display was made by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Directed by: Noah Baumbach starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam driver, is a candidate, among other things, as the best film along with The Irishman, Joker, … Read more

Intel’s manufacturing of semiconductors: the top 10 nm is less efficient than the 14-nm and 22-nm”

It’s not going to be at the meeting: Intel’s chief financial officer George Davis said at a Morgan Stanley conference (starting at Minute 19:58), 10-nm process will come not to the productivity of the 14-nm Nodes, and the same for the back of the 22-nm technology will remain. What is meant by this is that … Read more

Did he have a cold? To Natti Natasha he scored their two friends with this white top

Natti Natasha dura hard again to give what to talk about with this spicy video, this time you passed! 02 March 2020 · 01:45 pm Natti Natasha made it very clear that his relationship with the famous singer of the genre urban, Daddy Yankee this is only a friendship, in fact, more than friendship she … Read more

Huawei has the P30 package with unlimited data right Now with the free-Huawei-Clock gym, and a swing back to the top

The one associated with O2-Free, Unlimited, Smart unlimited amount of data for Surfing, you can also be each and every month. The data transfer rate is 10 MBit/s 5 MBit/s in Upload. This is not only quick, however, it should be that way, many of the applications that use it indefinitely. As soon as the … Read more

Top model candice Swanepoel posing for the camera in a bikini (video)

At the time, top model candice Swanepoel dazzled in bright Victoria’s Secret, but now the beautiful actress continued to shoot for the world of gloss, and often indulges his fans in the network candid publications Amateur content, homemade, so to speak Celebrity from South Africa posing in bikini with animalisticheskih print. This writes with … Read more

TOP 7 questions to the gynecologist, on which women are afraid to ask the doctor

Each girl visits the gynecologist annually to check your health. But even in the doctor’s office, many are hesitant to ask questions that plagued them for years. In this article we will give answers to them. Whether the child is similar to the first sexual partner? Is it possible to shave the hair in the … Read more

Top model Emily Ratajkowski posing in extreme bikinis (photos)

Model, aspiring actress and businesswoman Emily Ratajkowski impressed new candid picture in a tiny swimsuit As reported Emily Ratajkowski has one of the most amazing bodies in the world and show business. Despite the fact that the model and actress once admitted that she was very lucky with metabolism, it works hard on his … Read more