The Uniko rebels and launches a strong topic called “The freedom has no price”

The reguetonero cubano The Uniko has taken advantage of this hard stage that is live because of the health crisis that has led to the spread of coronavirus to raise the voice on behalf of all their fellow citizens of the island who daily have to face innumerable difficulties and shortcomings. Luis Alberto Almanza Gonzalez, … Read more

Eternals: Angelina Jolie wore the costume of the Topic in the new photos from the set

In the new photos from the set of Eternals, we see Angelina Jolie wearing the costume of Topic, team leader of the mighty Marvel super heroes. MESSAGE of VALENTINA D’AMICO — 08/11/2019 From the set Eternals new photos of the show to come Angelina Jolie in the version that wears a blonde costume Topic. The … Read more