Enyer Fig tree: “My priority is the selection”

Enyer Fig Treeinternational Venezuela in the category sub-20, expressed his desire to go his own way, without falling into comparisons with the american Alex Morgan or the brazilian Marta Vieira. In an interview published by FIFA on their website, Enyer Fig recognized the interest of clubs from Chile, Ecuador, and Spain. “The coronavirus slowed down … Read more

Swarovski and Mariah Carey created the ornament perfect for your christmas tree

Yes! The queen of Christmas aka. Mariah Carey just done a collaboration with Swarovski to give a more meaning to our lives, and these festivities are almost. (what happiness!) Only 8 Monday Christmas we received this good news: the launch of The Ornament christmas Swarovski 25th Anniversary by Mariah Carey commemorates the 25 years the … Read more

I copy the photo with no clothes, Cristina Pedroche! Famous, making the pine tree out of anything!

March 18, 2020 (14:10 CET) Cristina Pedroche is a source of inspiration for many women. While it is true that there are many and many that have criticized on more than one occasion it is evident that the brand ‘Pedroche’ sold. And a lot of. In fact, there are several top brands that have come … Read more

Timothée Chalamet, and the joke about Scarlett Johansson: “I Also interpreterei a tree!”

Timothée Chalamet, during a tv appearance, he joked about some of the comments from Scarlett Johansson. MESSAGE of BEATRICE PAGAN — 11/12/2019 Timothée Chalameta guest of Jimmy Fallon, he joked on the now-famous interview Scarlett Johansson the actress defended the interpretation that any kind of role after criticism receipts for her role in “Ghost in … Read more