Reality or visual trick? The truth about the video, which has divided the social networks

Posted at 18:43 ET (22:43 GMT) Thursday, 16 April, 2020 Playing 0:43 Posted at 14:07 ET (18:07 GMT) Saturday, 11 April, 2020 0:37 Posted at 14:10 ET (18:10 GMT) Friday, April 10, 2020 0:35 Posted at 20:02 ET (00:02 GMT) Tuesday, 7 April, 2020 1:00 Posted at 16:10 ET (20:10 GMT) Thursday, 2 April, 2020 … Read more

Facebook viral | how he Died Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer? This is the truth | Twitter | YouTube | Animal | Died Cesar Millan 2019 | Died Cesar Millan 2020 | The truth about the ‘death’ of Cesar Millan | Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan | nnda nnrt Answers

Updated the 12/04/2020 at 09:46 Time and again the misinformation Facebook and Twitter returns to take another person renowned as a victim. In some cases, it was Jackie Chan, in other cases the player from the peruvian team soccer, Luis Advíncula, but without a doubt, one of the most ‘touched’ by people on social networks … Read more

TREMENDOUS: Carlos Rivera revealed a great truth and nothing go back to being the same… what is it?

The singer Carlos Rivera not only stands out for its musical talent but also for overcoming adversity with height. Not long ago there was rumours and calm was aplastndolos all. The interpreter successes as I Am losing my head, I expected and many other ms gave a lesson very valuable insight into life as a … Read more

Singer reveals the truth about the new friendship of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Singer reveals the truth about the new friendship of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston The singer, Melissa Etheridge, is one of the closest friends of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anistoneven after the separation of the couple and has now been revealed as the new friendship between both of them. Did Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston … Read more

! The raw truth! This is the reason why Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will always be “perfect”

There is No doubt: there are those who do not exceed their ex and those who do not overcome that a couple has broken down and that in addition both to continue getting along. Perhaps that is what fueled a time and again, the want to see Brad Pitt next to Jennifer Aniston again. Thanks … Read more

One discovers the entire truth. “Isa Pantoja outside of Telecinco”

March 30, 2020 (12:20 CET) The Pantoja have managed to make a hole in Telecinco after the participation of Isabel Pantoja in Survivors. However this could change after the latest statements of the renowned vocalist who did not leave in good place to Mediaset. The signing of the mother of Kiko Rivera was the most … Read more

“Went into a rage and threw the bag against the wall.” Mila Ximénez has the whole truth

March 27, 2020 (11:30 CET) In these days, weeks, even months of confinement, Mila Ximénez has opened the computer and has managed to escape from the outside world, that way. The partner of Save me is at home and you do not plan to leave until new order, or rather later. Ximenez enters within the … Read more