The military t-shirt $ 100 with the Kylie Jenner imposes trends for this 2020

The celebrity has shown us how to see fabulous from home during the quarantine. Kylie Jenner has been hypothesized different looks through their social networks during the quarantine period and has proven to be the best style for be at home. Even, the youngest of the clan Kardashian Jenner has tax trends with their outfits, … Read more

LeBron James and Travis Scott are launching a t-shirt for charity

Brand: Cactus Jack Collection: Class of 2020 Release date: Already available Place of purchase: Price: around 40 euros Is now available, this collaboration between Lebron and Travis Scott Lebron James is making the difference during this global crisis. What is certain is that this school year it has been very complicated and strange for … Read more

13 looks from Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber to wear our t-shirt tops basic after the quarantine

If we were to define this quarantine with a style would be the athleisure. The search for comfortable clothing has resulted in tracksuit sets, hoodies, morning joggers and a classic noventero: t-straps of lycra in neutral tones. And we are not going to remove when everything is back to normal, because Kendall Jenner and Hailey … Read more

Harry Styles designs a t-shirt and the profits will be donated to the WHO to fight against the covid-19

CoverTrendsHarry Styles designs a t-shirt and the profits will be donated to the WHO to fight against the covid-19 #STAYATHOME The t-shirt sells for 26 dollars and the full amount will go to the work being done by the World Health Organization in deep crisis of the coronavirus. By Brais Besteiro | 08 Apr 2020 … Read more

The t-shirt of Harry Styles to fight against the Covid-19 and other campaigns to debate

The signatures of fashion and beauty have been involved in combat coronavirus from the first moment. The fight against the pandemic that has stopped the world and has forced millions of people to be confined in their homes has become a priority for large companies in the industry. LVMH, Ralph Lauren, L’oréal, or Armani have … Read more

Harry Styles is allied with WHO and the UN to launch t-shirt charity against the coronavirus

After giving the news of the favorable recovery of the prince Charles of Covid-19the royal family of England has several reasons to smile again, despite the fact that still continue to joined their efforts to counteract the ravages of the pandemic in the United Kingdom, special dates such as anniversaries or birthdays will not go … Read more