Mariah Carey gives a funny twist patatero the classic “All I Want for Christmas” in this spot

In a new spot released by Walkers in the Uk Mariah Carey gives a tasty twist to your iconic christmas song “All I Want for Christmas” (in which they are protagonists on this occasion the fries). Christmas is looming already on the horizon and in little time we will all be humming (as owned by … Read more

What way to the Oscars? The twist in the career of Tom Holland in his new movie after ‘SpiderMan’: “An action epic”

Tom Holland has conquered all with his brilliant interpretation of Peter Parker in the different times he has incarnated to SpiderMan on the big screen. But, in addition to give life to the superhero of Marvel the actor is involved in many other projects. So, one of the films that was able to complete filming … Read more

Listen to week 1 of Your heart? The ceremony of removal ends in a twist

When it was announced The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, and the audience promised not to see the new series spin-off. But after weeks of social distancing, Chris Harrison welcomed the fans with open arms at the premiere of the 13th of April, offering everyone a small escape. The episode debut also introduced to … Read more

Michale Caine, Lena Heady and Rita Ora will star new version of “Oliver Twist”

Twist Photo: Warner Bros. / HBO / Capture The work of literary Charles Dickens has received multiple adaptations over time,”Oliver Twist” one of its works more iconic has been carried out to both the theatre and television, drama and film; The story tells of the life of Oliver, an orphan child who spends his early … Read more