Twitter accounts of Adam Sandler and Mariah Carey were hacked

Racist insults, and against other celebrities is the recognizable brand of the so-called Chuckling Squad, a group of hackers that hackean accounts of celebrities. The most recent victim was actor Adam Sandler and singer Mariah Carey. The December 31, the account of Carey, with 21.4 million followers, was used to post messages that are racist, … Read more

Strong rumors about pregnancy of Sophie Turner is trending on Twitter

The main actress of the popular series Games of Thrones, Sophie Turnercould be pregnant with her current partner of the singer Joe Jonasaccording to several media of entertainment. An international environment published “lcouple is keeping it in silence, but your friends and family are super excited for them“said one of the sources, of which, will … Read more

Elon Musk: his mother-in-law calls him on Twitter for ignoring his recent fatherhood

The mother of Grimes released a tweet in which scolded Elon Musk to launch a message of political tone If there is a businessman that is not measured in their comments, that is Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Tesla, who to two weeks of becoming a dad with the singer Grimes, have already got … Read more

Is it more difficult to ‘be good’ that ‘be good’? The debate is on Twitter

We don’t know if the intention of the creators of Twitter was the platform to become a place for ongoing discussion of any topics; what seems increasingly evident is that it is the social network of the ‘opinadores’. And with their tweets as a speaker, some people become trend by launching their reflections more or … Read more

Wrong Tatiana Cloutier and congratulates parody of Elena Poniatowska on Twitter

Listen the note: The vicecoordinadora of the base of the Movement of Regeneration Nacional (Morena), Tatiana Cloutier made a mistake on social media, that generated a carload of criticism. To congratulate the writer Elena Poniatowska, on his birthday, 88, legislator federal erred by directing their congratulations to a Twitter account that parodies the author of … Read more