Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson back in the united States after recovering from COVID-19

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson back in the united States after recovering from COVID-19| Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, are back at their home in the united States after being diagnosed with COVID-19, better known as coronavirusduring your vacation. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson returning to the united States The actor who gave … Read more

The Disney parks in the united States will continue to be closed indefinitely by the coronavirus

In mid-march we knew the news that the Disney parks in the united States would close until the end of march by the pandemic of the coronavirus. Today, the company has announced to extend the closure indefinitely. The initial plan was to reopen the parks on the 1st of April but have announced that they … Read more

“O wretched man!”. Jennifer Lopez sets fire to the united States. And it is for this

March 27, 2020 (14:29 CET) Jennifer Lopez has barely spoken about the coronavirus since the pandemic began to spread throughout the world. He has not even shown to their followers as well as are living in the confinement. A detail that calls attention to many of his followers. Especially taking into account that JLo it … Read more

‘The Pit’ becomes the movie of Netflix most watched in united States

The movie ‘The Hole’ without a doubt it has been one of the biggest names on Netflix since it debuted on the platform. The film Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia has had a great impact and lots and lots of visualizations in our country. But without doubt, the most impressive thing has been that the film was converted … Read more

‘Onward’ leads the box-office of the united States very affected by the coronavirus

The crisis of the coronavirus also comes to the box office of the united States. As has happened in China, Spain, Italy or other european countries, the movie theaters have begun to close their doors or limit their capacity for prevention measures against the virus, which has led to that the data obtained during this … Read more

‘Onward’ gets one of the films weaker of Pixar at the box office in the united States

Pixar was returning to theaters this weekend with ‘Onward’, their first original film since the premiere of ‘Coco’ in 2017. However, this new proposal it has been very far from reaching the large numbers who used the study in its debut in the united States. Premiered at 4.310 cinemas, ‘Onward’ has only been able to … Read more

Presidential-2020: Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson and others are calling for the United States to vote

At the end of the 2020 the United States will be called again to go to the polls to vote for their Chairman. And it is no coincidence that the members of Hollywood, is always used politically, that States under the leadership of W Magazinedownload the voters to vote, or better you register in the … Read more