Shakira Disnet Zootopia Artists Disney Family Sing Along | THE UNIVERSAL

At 8:00 pm Sunday, may 31, Disney Channel will broadcast the ‘Disney Family Sing Along’, an initiative in which renowned artists sing songs of the classic Disney from their homes. This version will count with the participation of the singer in barranquilla Shakira, who once again interprets ‘Try Everything’, a song from the soundtrack of … Read more

Victor Cardenas, the king of the guaracha that danced to Jennifer Lopez | THE UNIVERSAL

In Colombia he was born a genre of electronic music that you are giving back to the world, known as guaracha, this rate is viralizó quickly into digital platforms. With 21 years, a colombian young man made history in this genre, as their song ‘Dance with me’ in record time became the guaracha #1 all … Read more

Jennifer Aniston goes viral to use this universal sign of contempt

Aniston has shared with her 33 million followers a moment of desperación May 10, 2020 · 03:00 pm The well-known american actress Jennifer Anistonalways remembered by his character in the popular television series of the nineties “Friends“, is back in the news this week but for reasons which are contrary to his talent. Anistonwhose beauty … Read more

Dave Bautista does not play Kratos in the movie of God of War | Jason Momoa | Universal Studios | Reddit | WWE | video Games video Games

Updated the 12/04/2020 at 12:03 Detective Pikachu and Sonic: The Movie has been able to demonstrate that you can do a good film productions of video games. Because of this, has begun to circulate a rumor that indicates that Universal Studios will want to be able to bring the video game franchise of God of … Read more

Universal delayed a year ‘Minions: The origin of Gru’ and ‘let’s Sing! 2’ and says goodbye (for now) to ‘Wicked’

As we mentioned yesterday, the big Hollywood studios don’t expect the public to go to fill the theaters in the coming months. Sony has cancelled virtually all of its premieres of the year, and Universal is poised to do the same. ‘Fast & Furious 9’ was one of the films pioneering in delaying its premiere, … Read more

‘Minions: The origin of Gru’: The coronavirus requires Universal to cancel the premiere of summer

It remains to be seen how far the reach of the consequences of the pandemic of the coronavirus, but this news suggests that the calendar of movies of 2020 is going to see hit much more strongly than it looked in the beginning. Since the delay of the premiere of ‘No time to die’ a … Read more

Universal Pictures launches their latest releases in cinemas on demand before the crisis of the coronavirus

Many european cinemas and some of the united States have been forced to close its doors until further notice due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. This has affected many movies that were about to be released and consequently has affected the box office, it has reached its lowest point in at least 20 … Read more

Universal and Blumhouse update ‘Dracula’ with director Karyn Kusama (‘Jennifer”s Body’)

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse are willing to continue their collaboration after the success at the box office with ‘The invisible man’. Just two weeks after its international premiere, The Hollywood Reporter reports that both producers would already be planning a new version of another classic monster: Dracula. Karyn Kusama would be the director of this … Read more

After the success of ‘The invisible man’, James Wan will produce a movie of monsters for Universal

It has cost but finally, Universal has seen how a movie of their classic monsters gets to be a success. ‘The invisible man’ landed on the screens on 28th of February, and it sat as one of the films of the month and getting good results. That’s why, and after several failures, the study will … Read more