Demi Lovato, ‘happy’ by the engagement of her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama

The singer and actress Demi Lovato said to be “happy” after their former spousethe actor Wilmer Valderrama, has announced that it is committedalthough fans of the artist’s mexican-american are not anything to taste. “She is happy, if Wilmer is happy,” said a source close to Lovato to the string E!, they added that “she always … Read more

Demi Lovato has made clear why he walked away from his ex-partner, Wilme Valderrama

The podcast ‘I Weigh’ of the activist and actress of ‘The Good Place’, Jameela Jamil, has been invited to Demi Lovato, who is promoting new song with Sam Smith called ‘I’m Ready’. The program seeks to talk about the problems that many people suffer when confronted with the canons of beauty imposed by the society … Read more

The reason that Demi Lovato has been section of your ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama

Demi Lovatoas many of the stars of the song or the film, is offering interviews to various media and characters through live broadcasts on social networks. In the last of their talks, the singer has spoken about a topic related to their private life that has to do with the relationship that he maintains with … Read more