First Strike by Valorant: here are the official dates and the info on the tournament

The first big tournament First Strike of Valorant is now ready to begin, and developer Riot has recently shown all the important details about the competition. Focusing on the great event reserved for the European community, the First Strike of the old continent will officially begin the week of 9/10 November with the matches of group A, and will then … Read more

Valorant: Sinatraa eye injury

A bad misfortune that happened during the week to the star of the Sentinel (and MVP 2019 of the Overwatch League ) Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Jon, who was almost completely blind for several hours due to an injury. It all happened while Sinatra was in the gym, during a normal training session. While using regular exercise equipment, one of the resistance bands literally … Read more

T1 puts the famous DaZed under contract

Dazed – We now know almost the entire roster that will defend the colors of the T1 team in the competitive scene of Valorant. The T1 team is based in North America and is basically a joint venture born from an agreement between  Comcast Spectacor and SK Telecom, one of the most important esports organizations in the world and already a … Read more

Cloud9 duo Tenz and Vice have no doubts: “Skye will be very strong on Valorant”

Skye Valorant – Two celebrated players from the export organization Cloud9 recently posted their impressions of the new agent Skye, unveiled by Riot during this week’s course. We are talking about Tyson ‘ TenZ ‘ Ngo and Daniel ‘ Vice ‘ Kim who, particularly intrigued by the new character, decided to carefully analyze every single skill, trying to understand its real strength. Let’s start … Read more

Valorant, trailer and abilities on Agent Skye

The Valiant devs have finally revealed the first interesting details on the new agent Skye, a character who will join the rest of those available on the Riot shooter by the end of the month. The new Skye is presented as a character who will be fundamental in supporting the team, being able to also have … Read more

Valorant, unveiled the new Icebox map

Icebox Map – Through a new video trailer, the developers of Riot have revealed to the community the very first details about a new map of Valorant. We are in fact talking about the new Icebox, a map that will be available with the third act of episode 1 of Riot’s tactical shooter, and that will catapult the players into a remote … Read more

Changes coming for Valorant Competitions

Valorant Competitive – Game Director Joe Zigler, and Head of Competitive Systems Design David Cole, recently outlined some of the major innovations affecting the Valorant Ranked scene. In particular, these two devs wanted to explain how the ranked queue will be updated, the fact that the degrees from Immortal onwards will depend entirely on wins and losses, and … Read more

Valorant, the 100 Thieves round out their stellar roster

The famous company of the 100 Thieves, active in the export and international scene for many years and on various titles, has recently announced the hiring of two new important pieces for their future Valorant roster. To keep company with the current members of the 100 Thieves Hiko, JoshNissan, and Nitr0 for the remaining 2020 season, and especially for the upcoming 2021, there will in fact be the … Read more

Valorant – The Complete Guide to Wardell’s Operator

Valorant’s sniper role specialist, Matthew ‘Wardell’ Yu, currently a member of “TSM”, explained in a video the guidelines to follow if you want to improve to use the Operator. A possible Operator nerf that should arrive within a patch or two. Nevertheless, we still want to bring back Wardell’s words, because we believe that the guidelines he … Read more

“Valorant”: “Riot is a game in the Shot with a “surprisingly low” requirements of a system

“Valorant”: “Riot is a game in the Shot with a “surprisingly low,” the requirements of the system The Defence Team is making an assault on the CS:GO championship. – Valorant A Gameplay Preview Of The Game Star Valorant: the Beta seems to be waiting in the wings for a Gaming PC Valorant: The Counter-Strike … Read more