Of mutant to vampire! Jennifer Lawrence starred in a remake of a classic horror

After being a superheroine of Marvel and a rebel of a government dystopic, the Oscar winner could join the vampires to suck blood in the new version of a horror movie do it just in case ‘Dracula’ or Jennifer Lawrence starred in the remake of ‘The Hunger’? It is known that currently, the American actress … Read more

Jason Momoa will star in vampire movie with Peter bad griesbach

Jason Momoa will star in a vampire movie with Peter bad griesbach | Instagram The actor and american model Jason Momoa will become vampire for your new movie along with her partner Game of ThronesPeter bad griesbach, a change drastic enough to his other projects. Jason Momoa and Peter bad griesbach are in talks with … Read more

Peter bad griesbach and Jason Momoa will star in the vampire movie Good Bad & Undead

Director Max Barbakow has signed with Legendary to work on Good Bad & Undeada new vampire movie whose main stars are the duo of Game of Thrones composed by Peter bad griesbach and Jason Momoa. In this story, bad griesbach will be Van Helsing, the latest in a long lineage of vampire hunters that just … Read more

Disney+ would be considering include series such as ‘Buffy vampire slayer’ or ‘Firefly’ in your catalog

With the premiere in our country Disney+, it seems that the networks do not talk about anything else. However, in the united States already takes quite a few months, where they have been adding little by little more content, although always with the family court that characterizes the platform. Could you open this range pronot? … Read more

Ben Affleck did so badly in ‘Buffy, the vampire slayer’ that his only sentence was doubled by the director

Ben Affleck is one of the actors most recognized in the entire planet because of their diverse roles in films as iconic as ‘The indomitable Will Hunting’, ‘Lost’, ‘Batman v Superman: dawn of Justice’ or ‘Argo’ but it has not always been the actor so respected that it is today. One of his first roles … Read more