Users criticize to Lady Gaga; they prefer filtered version of the Free Woman, that the current

After the singer Lady Gaga promote his new album “Chromatica“, where it launches the final version of the song ‘Free Woman’, users on social networks criticized the result and now prefer the previous version. At the beginning of the month of may, leaked a demo of the theme ‘Free Woman’, with rhythms more relaxed; now … Read more

Suicide squad, and your version of the editor: Yesterday’s Cut “is almost finished”

Coinciding with the announcement of Zack Snyder’s Justice Leaguethe new version of the director of the film Justice league of DC released in cinemas and we will see in 2021 through HBO Maxbegins to arise a new movement around Suicide Squadanother of the film’s DC Extended Universe by the filmmaker David Yesterday, and a new … Read more

Karol G launched a version in the house of “Tusa” to accompany his followers

RELATED VIDEO – The music takes the balconies of Europe in the middle of the coronavirus (01:46) Tusa, success we did understand this disgust and sadness it feels at the end of a romantic relationship, now has their version of quarantine. Karol G released a record on which he plays Tusa along with all the … Read more

Avril Lavigne, Halsey, and the new version of ‘Girlfriend’ that we wanted to listen to | Music

Halsey you do know how to celebrate a festival of Halloween. During the night of Friday, the 25th, was in charge of bringing together music, party and the rockstars of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Well, maybe not literally, but all the guests at this concert of live songs they were to go dressed … Read more

The version of Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wish you Were Here’ of Pink Floyd: how acceptable or terrible?

This weekend, the pop artist Miley Cyrus made a version of the mythical theme of ‘Wish you Were Here’ of Pink Floyd for the program of american tv ‘Saturday Night Live’. For many it is more than acceptable, but for some followers of the band was something terrible… What do you think to it? The … Read more

Hailee Steinfeld gives life to the latest version malota of the poet in the series of Apple

Apple will be shelling their first releases for their platform, Apple TV+ and after to see the progress of ‘For All Mankind’ and ‘The Morning Show’, we change of third to comedy with ‘Dickinson’, which presents the most rebellious of the young american writer. Emily Dickinson “wild nights” Described as a story of maturity, Alena … Read more