Rihanna makes a donation millionaire in favor of victims of violence

Due to the spread of the Covid-19 as a result of the coronavirusthe entire world continues confined in their homes. Submerged in a quarantine total, the lives of hundreds of people have been altered, and as a result have come to light hundreds of problematic political, social and economic you have to put utmost attention … Read more

Katy Perry on Instagram donates sales of its line of shoes to victims of the coronavirus | eint | Shows

Katy Perry, one of the figures most famous of the pop music, announced that it is collaborating with the thousands of people affected by the expansion of the coronavirus. Through its account of Instagram, the singer of 35 years said that 10% of the profits they get with their line of shoes, Katy Perry Collectionswill … Read more

Rihanna donates 2.1 billion for victims of domestic violence –

Rihanna donates 2.1 billion for victims of domestic violence Los Angeles.- The singer Rihanna utmost efforts to help the victims of domestic violence in Los Angeles, California, affected by the order to stay home during a public health emergency for pandemic Covid-19. The native of Barbados joined the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, to provide … Read more

Coronavirus: Rihanna donates $ 4 million to help victims of gender-based violence during the quarantine

The singer originally from Barbados, Rihanna, tops the list of celebrities-several more gave their support during this pandemic. Recently, it was announced that along with Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, make a donation to joint 4.2 million dollars to help victims of gender-based violence in Los Angeles, in the framework of quarantine by … Read more

Rihanna donates more than $ 2 million to the victims of gender-based violence affected by the coronavirus

Rihanna has made a new financial donation to help the victims of the coronavirus. After the 5 million already donated to various organizations through its Foundation, Clara Lionel, now has allocated 2 million dollars to the victims of gender-based violence affected by the pandemic. If the violence that women experience daily is worrisome at any … Read more

Rihanna agrees to help millionaire to victims of domestic violence and in addition to the CEO of Twitter to your cause | Shows Despierta America

Read transcript in miami. famous, also, provide your granite of sand to fight the covid19, of this speak subsequently. guys, forward. karla: there are many who are add to this cause, rihanna continues to demonstrate its great coraón, after making several donations million for to combat the coronavirus, again agree to donate 2 million ólares … Read more

He’s right – Angelina Jolie says that the young victims of abuse are not safe during the isolation

Angelina Jolie said that children who are victims of domestic violence are vulnerable during the pandemic. The actress and activist for the rights of 44 years, Angelina Joliewrote a toarticle of opinion for Time magazine revealing that young people who are victims of abuse would not be safe in your home during the isolation. In … Read more

Miley Cyrus and Leonardo DiCaprio make donating millions to the victims of the pandemic

Each time there are more celebrities who join their hearts to help, in any way, to the crisis of the coronavirus. Now, Miley Cyrus, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other celebrities made millions in donations to give a hand to those most in need. Related Video: Kim Kardashian will donate a million dollars to the affected COVID-19

Leonardo Dicaprio has donated millions of dollars to victims of the COVID-19

Since the new coronavirus became pandemic, there have been several artists in the world who have demonstrated their solidarity on this occasion; it was the actor Leonardo Dicaprio, who raised and donated 12 million dollars which will be used to cover the less fortunate and to the victims of the COVID-19. The well-known Hollywood star … Read more