Taylor Swift: “No one should have to choose between their health and their voices heard”

The american singer, Taylor Swift, has been one of the celebrities that has been expressed, then that transcended the case of George Floyd. Due to his great heart and the philanthropy that characterized the singer of “Love Story” has not lost the time, and decided to channel their disagreement with the first on the list. … Read more

In their networks, Ariana Grande opens up to the voices to the fight against racism

In the same way that celebrities the likes of Madonna, Ariana Grande he did not remain silent after the case of the death of the citizen (African-American, George Floyd, which occurred last week. Before this happened, the American singer emerged from Nickelodeon was touting Rain on me, a song that plays along to Lady Gaga. … Read more

Chiquis Rivera and Becky G join their friendship and their voices to a classic ‘Jolene’

Video: At Home With Telemundo Your browser does not support iframes. Chiquis Rivera and Becky G finally join their voices, and this was what we were told by Carlos Adyan of At Home with Telemundo during a virtual interview. “Jolene” is included in “PLAYLIST”, the third album from Chiquis, an album that contains 10 themes … Read more

Dua Lipa, Coldplay, Mabel and other artists join their voices in a cover of Foo Fighters | Music

The confinement is taking our side in solidarity. Many have been the artists and personalities of our culture that have joined forces to raise funds in the fight against the coronavirus. From A Heart Marta Sánchez, passing by the new version of April 20 of Celtas Cortos, up I want to hold you when all … Read more

Woody Allen gives voices to the women in his life: “Scarlett Johansson? Was sexually radioactive. Lea Seydoux ten and praise, Christina Ricci a lot more desirable,”

Woody Allen and the women. A disaster. The New York Times reviewed Apropos of nothing (in Italy, available in ebook, with The ship of Theseus), and from it comes out, to put it mildly, horrified. The author of the review, Dwight Garner, of the oriented his readinglast memoir of the Director new yorker about his … Read more