The death of a character in the last chapter of ‘The Walking Dead’ has been not so unexpected

The consequences of the pandemic of the Coronavirus have been stalled for the whole world but, although it sounds contradictory, ‘The Walking Dead’ follow-up. On the 15th of march, premiered the episode 12 of the tenth season and, in the absence of the other four to finish with this batch of episodes, we begin to … Read more

‘The Walking Dead’: Norman Reedus jokes with setting fire to the set of the shoot if they kill Daryl

After ten seasons in broadcast, it is normal that many of the actors and actresses that were from the beginning in ‘The Walking Dead’ have been gradually abandoning the series, as happened with Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, who opted to leave for a season the zombies to one side for spend more time … Read more

The team of ‘The Walking Dead’ made a final (and epic) prank on Danai Gurira

Although viewers still have not been able to enjoy the episode in which the actress Danai Gurira will say goodbye to his character in ‘The Walking Dead’, the interpreter takes months away from Michonne and the universe of the walkers. With the end of the season 10 closer, Gurira and part of the team has … Read more