Wanted you will notice that all and put that!! Yuliett Torres from behind!

Yuliett Towers passes the confinement at home, whiling away the time with routines that allow you to exercise the quadriceps and the bicepsand when bored goes to the abdominal. Although occasionally still publishes some of those images in which you note everything when you back is turned. Now he has been given by share your … Read more

James Franco wanted his involvement in the case of Johnny Deep and Amber Heard stay in secret

The legal battle over the allegations of domestic violence between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is continuing and James Franco, who is part of the process as a witness, has tried to ensure that their participation is maintained in bhg In particular, it seems that the team of lawyers of Johnny Depp asked James Franco … Read more

Selena Gomez wanted to share with their fans their favorite songs

Selena Gomez is of promotion, from house, your new premiere ‘Rare Deluxe’. Much of the time the quarantine is dedicated to the music and in an interview with Apple Music he has shared what are your favorite songs of all time. All shared in a playlist, the songs included are ‘Everywhere’ of Fleetwood Mac, ‘Poetic … Read more

What About Britney Spears? Actresses that wanted to be Catwoman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

After the Batman character had two movies considered the worst of the genre, the director Christopher Nolan took a reboot of the masked with a new perspective much more realistic and after a great success with the second production, many actors wanted to be part of this story, so much so that a large number … Read more

Joe Jonas on Sophie Turner: “I said that if I wanted to go out with her I had to watch all the movies of Harry Potter”

Joe Jonas revealed during an interview with James Corden that Sophie Turner, his now wife, conditioned to leave with it. The singer said that the ‘actress’Game of Thrones’ I had indicated that I had to see all the movies Harry Potter. The revelation was given after the couple placed on networks during the quarantine that … Read more

Michael Jackson wanted to go out with Halle Berry, she answered him not

The singer and music producer american Kenneth “Babyface” Edmond revealed that Michael Jacksonthe “King of pop”, he asked help to get an appointment with the actress Halle Berry. “Babyface,” he declared through a live feed of their social network, next to the singer Teddy Riley, the interpreter of Billie Jean asked him to serve as … Read more

This is what I think of Vanessa Hudgens that Zac Efron has not wanted to sing with her

Vanessa Hudgens reacts to the statements of Zac Efron on never to work with her again. Fans were left super disappointed when Vanessa Hudgens sang in the “The Disney Family Singalong” without Zac Efron, the actor said that he would not sing along to your ex because it would be a sad and painful memories … Read more

Michael Jackson wanted to have an appointment with Halle Berry and what happened surprised us

Michael Jackson wanted to have an appointment with Halle Berry and what happened surprised us | INSTAGRAM The iconic King of Pop, singer Michael Jackson tried to achieve in your time make an appointment with the beautiful and talented Halle Berry using as the intermediary to one of his friends. ¡Follow us in our Facebook … Read more