“I wanted to be an alcoholic and prostitute”. The great Wyoming, and the spectators of The Intermediate hallucinating

31 march 2020 (14:40 CET) The main programs of television have been known to reinvent itself to continue entertaining their faithful fans. The Ant has returned with a round from set with his co-workers and connecting with the famous to and from their home through video calls. Something very similar makes the big Wyoming in … Read more

What makes heat? Maluma cheered their fans with this daring video. So you wanted to see!

One of the artists who is taking advantage of the quarantine to be creative is Maluma. Of this their fans take advantage of it, especially his followers, who delight to enjoy from home the worked and tattooed body of the ex-boyfriend of Natalia Barulich. The colombian composer of pop fell into the fun habit of … Read more

It taught me more! Natalia Barulich wanted to mimic a piece of art and set too

Natalia Barulich he started the year by showing the competition that comes ready to be the favorite of big brands, for what you have done shake the very Kendall Jenner. Starting with the new campaign mesh of Gucci, the protagonist of “Happy 4” has made it clear on Instagram that will mark trend throughout the … Read more

Endgame, Scarlett Johansson has wanted to change, the death of Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson has revealed that he wanted to change the scene of the death of Black Widow in Avengers: the Endgame, there’s a bit too extreme The death of Black Widow was one of the most exciting moments Avengers: Endgamethe cinecomic Marvel Anthony and Joe Russo has been the highest grossing in the history of … Read more

PlayStation Now: the new arrivals-in-March: That’s the game I wanted to see all of you!

The Streaming service of PlayStation Now, it falls in March, not just because of the additions to the games Line-up, you can be proud of. In a game that was nominated for several major Awards for game of the year. The subscribers of the Game-Streaming service, PlayStation Now, PS4, and PC, you can look forward … Read more